Wood species we use


Acer Saccharum from America with a dry (15%) density of 600-700 kg/m³ and an impregnated density of 1100 kg/m³. This is the normal Maple we use for the beater heads. Unimpregnated, it is slightly harder and has a higher density than the Acer Opalus. It is also slightly darker in color. We buy this wood dried so that it only needs to be dried at a low temperature for a few weeks before it is impregnated.

Striped Maple / Curly Maple

Acer Opalus from the Balkans with a dry (15%) density of 500-600 kg/m³ and an impregnated density of 1000-1100 kg/m³. Our Striped Maple comes from Hungary. It has a beautiful bright light color and can be impregnated very well. Where the Acer saccharum has a very nice drawing due to a contrast between the annual rings, this Maple has beautiful stripes (curl) with an enormous depth and 3D effect. Among other things, the Stradivarius violins were made from it. We use it to make our beater heads and handles. Mappa Toolworks dries the wood itself. We do this with great care and precision so that there are no cracks in the wood and all tensions are removed.

Black Poplar / Mountain Poplar / Mappa Burl

Populus Nigra from Austria with a dry (15%) density 350-450 kg/m³ and impregnated density of 900-1000 kg/m³. Beautiful wood type. It has unparalleled depth and 3D effect. We divide it into 2 categories. The parts with many twigs and the parts without twigs. In the latter there is the 3D effect. The parts with twigs are not suitable for beater heads, but are suitable for handles. Especially if you impregnate them with a colored synthetic resin. That gives a bizarrely beautiful look. You really should see.


Dalbergia Retusa from Central America with a density of 1000-1200 kg/m³. Always been one of our favorite woods. Unrivaled colours, there is no alternative. Dark orange, with black veins. Freshly processed Cocobolo is often still very light in color. It takes a few days and under the influence of UV light to reach its final color. If you are lucky there is just a small knot in it and around it is an enormous draft. As if you can see into the wood. It continues to fascinate us.

African Blackwood

Dalbergia Melanoxylon from Africa with a density of 1200-1300 kg/m³. Beautiful wood, much more beautiful than Ebony because it has a deep glittering drawing. Shades of dark dark and milk chocolate with sometimes silver stripes.


Dalbergia Cearensis from Brazil with a density of 1000-1100 kg/m³. Kind of the same stripes as Cocobolo but dark purple instead of dark orange. Also really beautiful wood! We only use Kingwood in batch specials that we make from time to time.

The handles of exotic wood are not impregnated. That is not necessary because they are already heavy, hard and stable. We love African Blackwood, Cocobolo and Kingwood, but it is rare. That is why we are careful with it. We purchase it under a certificate with a Cites number.