Round mallet, Co-Maple





The round mallet, or bottle hammers, from Mappa Tools have a good weight of around 500 grams. Our mallets are made with love and attention from the best materials we can find and are perfect for fine work with chisels.

  • head Maple impregnated
  • handle Cocobolo
  • finish polished
  • total length 215 mm
  • head length 90 mm
  • head thickness 58 mm

The round mallet is one of the oldest type of hammers and still unsurpassed for use with chisels. Your eyes can focus on the workpiece and with the round mallet head you always hit the chisel right.

When our mallets are equipped with a head that is completely saturated with a synthetic resin under deep vacuum and is then cured in an oven. The result is a hard and heavy hammer head that will last a lifetime and of which the figure in the wood shows beautifully.

Our hammers and mallets are polished and not finished with oil or lacquer. You can easily sand any minor damage and polish it back to a high gloss.

We get very positive reactions. You really have to hold the mallet for a while to feel the balance, how they feel in the hand and how beautiful the wood looks. You can grab the mallet by the handle or with the head between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger and then with the ring finger and little finger on the handle. Try it! It really becomes a precision tool.

You can see and try our ‘standard’ mallets in the shop at one of our resellers. The ‘specials’ are only sold through the website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.




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